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This application concerns the cleaning of containers for the pharmaceutical sector, and more generally, sectors that require a high level of container cleanliness and cannot tolerate the presence of residual liquid, typical of rinsers.
For these sectors, Promec proposes the ionized air blower, the EVOLUTION IA (IONIZED AIR), equipped with special ionizing nozzles operating with compressed air, which produce a high-speed air flow that neutralizes the static charges on the internal surface of the plastic bottles while simultaneously cleaning them. Each nozzle has an emission point that enables the ionizing of the air at the end of the compressed air feed pipe, therefore next to the bottle neck; a power unit transmits high voltage at the emission points of the various ionizing nozzles which produce positive and negative ions as a result of the strong electric field generated in them. The compressed air which passes through the ionizing nozzles conveys the ions produced inside the bottles, neutralizing any static charges of opposite sign in them, deriving from the preparation process and from the handling and storing systems of the plastic bottles. The elimination of the electrostatic charges facilitates the removal of the contaminants (dust, paper, plastic…) which might otherwise have remained attached to the walls of the bottles.
The action of the ions combined with the mechanical action of the air pressure help remove the impurities inside the bottles. Simultaneously with the pressurized ionized air blowing phase, an additional phase may be added, consisting of the aspiration of the air injected and the dust removed, creating a slight vacuum inside the bottle ( version 1S+1A).
This system is composed of individual ring-shaped suction units, concentric to the ionizing nozzles, and of a central collector hooked up to a vacuum pump.
With this system, the container cleaning process produces highly efficacious results, as the vacuum action ensures that any impurities present inside the bottles will be aspirated, an effect that is not normally available on normal blowers.
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