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Promec fillers are manufactured according to the highest qualitative standards, the most modern hygienic design criteria (EHEDG standards) and the best technologies and materials currently on the market, in compliance with the international regulations on safety (EC standards) and food grade (FDA regulations). They are modular and versatile machines that are used to fill containers of different shapes and sizes, made of both plastic and glass, for hourly outputs of up to 50,000 bph.

FILL-JET machines are available in the following versions:
• individual fillers;
• monoblock including filler and capper;
• triblock including rinser, filler and capper.
To minimise the overall dimensions, each machine model is supplied with different configurations and a machine pitch in line with the processed containers.

FILL-JET machines are designed for filling the following products:
carbonated and still water; carbonated and still soft drinks; fruit juice without pulp (cold and hot filling system); fruit juice with fibres or pulp; isotonic soft drinks; tea; milk and milk products; alcoholic drinks; syrups; oil; vinegar.

Main features of FILL-JET machines:
• Version featuring bottle transfer by neck gripping (neck handling system) for PET bottles and by bottom gripping for glass bottles. Combined processing of both glass and PET bottles is possible.
• Easy access to the machine thanks to side guards that are floor-mounted and secured to the machine base
• Quick changeover (upon request)
• ULTRACLEAN configuration with laminar flow cabin and self-draining base (upon request) to improve the shelf life of sensitive products such as juice and milk
• Energy consumption reduction
• Easy access and reduced operating costs
• User-friendly thanks to the self-teach HMI

Description: the machine is composed by a reticular base made by pressure joints and components linked among them by means of structural bonding, therefore by eliminating any welding or processing by machines tools ( patented system).
Innovative aspects: the new structure improves machine hygiene and facilitates cleaning of the same by eliminating the critical points of accumulation and persistence of the dirt, as for example the welding points. The use of structural bonding enables to avoid welding and Makes the process of machine construction easier and also reduces the environmental impact.
Benefits for the customer: Benefits are in term of reducing delivery and costs, and consequently the price of the same machine; above all improve machine cleaning phases with an increased sanitization, and better accessibility for operators.
Rinser-filler-capper Monoblock “HOT FILLING” system (up to 95°C) for non-carbonated products, such as juices, teas, isotonic drinks, functional beverages, equipped with electro pneumatic filling valves and automatic product recycling tank.
Rinser-filler-capper Monoblock for non-carbonated water in big PET containers (up to 10 lt.), for production speeds up to 10.000 BPH, equipped with gravity mechanical filling valve.
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Rinser- Filler-capper Monoblock for carbonated and non-carbonated products, with gravity or isobaric filling valves. This machine is suitable both for glass and plastic containers for production speeds up to 40.000 BPH.
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