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Promec service:
Inside Customer Service,includes spare parts orders and customer requests for Technical Service. (>>)
GRAU Beviale 2015
Monoblocs FILL-LINE
MULTIFORMAT FILL LINE LINEAR MONOBLOC FOR PRODUCTION UP TO 2.500 BPH OF 5 LT. It is a linear machine for filling PET or HDPE one way containers of large dimensions, from 5 up to 20 Lt... (>>)
Gallon bottle filler Compac 200
MONOBLOC FOR 5-GALLON BOTTLES Promec has developed a new monobloc for washing-filling and capping PVC and PET bottles of 3 to 6 gallons and 5 to 10 litres equipped with an innovative weight filling system rather than a volumetric one. (>>)
Electronic rinser Evolution (Patent pending)
This machine is designed to allow the regulation of treatment times from the operator panel through electrically operated solenoid valves on each nozzle... (>>)
Rotary Sterilizer STERIL-EV (Patent pending)
This is a rotary sterilizer that is ideal for sterilizing all kinds of containers (including jars), using hydrogen peroxide (H2 O2) in its liquid state in order to increase the shelf-life of products such as fruit juices, milk and derivatives... (>>)
In particolare:
Promec fillers are manufactured according to the highest qualitative standards, the most modern hygienic design criteria (EHEDG standards) and the best technologies and materials currently on the market, in compliance with the international regulations on safety (EC standards) and food grade (FDA regulations)... (>>)
Fully automatic palletizer to package in an horizontal position PC containers from 3 up to 5 gallons inside of special metallic or plastic racks. It’s possible to provide different palletizing configurations. (>>)
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