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Founded in 1992 thanks to the initiative of technicians specialised in the sector, the company has continued to develop, becoming a leader in the bottle handling, cleaning and sterilisation sector.
Throughout the years, the company has continually invested in new technologies as well as in new work spaces and equipment, with a view to creating ideal operating conditions for personnel and meeting market requirements, both current and future.
This choice has enabled the company to develop a complete range of high quality products, placing special emphasis on the requirements of a vast and prestigious clientele.
Innovative products and prompt customer service have, moreover, enabled the “PROMEC” trademark to make an impact worldwide.
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We believe in human resources, in creative imagination, in professionalism and in specialisation, in a close-knit team of highly qualified professionals, dynamic and proud to be part of a company in constant growth.
We believe in research and innovation; in our “Research & Development” division, our engineers study and create new technologically-advanced solutions, aimed at improving the quality, reliability and productivity of our products.
Dedication to Technological Innovation, the real philosophy underlying the work of our company, has led to the registering of numerous patents, on the basis of which we have launched, and shall continue to launch, new products on the market, with a view to maintaining the “competitive edge” that has always distinguished our company.
The tireless quest for “Global Quality” in every phase of our company activity, continual investment in new technologies, the regular contributions of our personnel towards the improvement of each and every operational phase and of corporate organisation as a whole have enabled the company to reach high standards of reliability in the production and quality cycle, as well as achieving an excellent quality-price ratio.
The constant use of management procedures defined according to ISO standard criteria, streamlined and customised for each company function, guarantees the meticulous management control of each phase of the production cycle, from the receiving of the order to the delivery of the finished product.
Unfailing attention to customer requirements and our dedication to satisfying our clientele are a sure guarantee of a quick and efficient after-sales service, making Promec a truly “Customer Oriented” company.
Constant research into new technologies and new methods of production, close attention to the quality of every detail and strict adherence to the specific standards, the untiring search for alternative materials able to replace traditional ones with a view to obtaining reduced costs and improved performance, the use of state-of-the-art technologies in surface treatment processes are the features that distinguish our production cycle and guarantee a top quality final product.
The quality of the product is guaranteed by an efficient “QUALITY CONTROL” department, which ensures that all the machine’s components correspond to product specifications before assembling operations begin.
The final testing phase to which all our products are subjected is a further guarantee that the machine responds to the technical and quality standards requested by the clients as well as ensuring that it is in perfect working order.
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