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Special applications
This machine belongs to the
Twistline, class and is designed to eliminate the residues of ferric oxide (rust) present in the bottlenecks of recycled glass bottles with crown caps. After being rotated in the input twist, the bottlenecks are inserted into a concentrated hydrochloric acid solution for a sufficient period to stabilise the ferric residue.
The bottles are conveyed to a section equipped with special rotary brushes which, by abrasion, clean the bottlenecks and are complemented by another high-pressure water jet rinse. The combined action of brushing and pressure washing leads to removing any existing rust rings from bottlenecks.
The treatment cycle is completed by a procedure where bottlenecks are rinsed in disposable water to eliminate the remaining residues.
Since hydrochloric acid is highly corrosive (and toxic) the machine is completely manufactured in acid-proof plastic material and type HASTELLOY steel.
A hood allows evacuation and neutralising the smoke produced inside the machine.
A Tilting Conveyor is a unique conveyor belt to convey filled bottles and sterilize their necks by means of heat.
This application is widely used in HOT-FILL lines, where the product is bottled at 80 - 90 °C temperature.
The pitch-separated bottles are placed on a conveyor belt including a special articulated chain resilient to heat and tilted by 90°. I.e. laid horizontally, where they remain for a time sufficient to sterilize their caps (from 20 to 30 seconds).
After the sterilization stage has ended, the vertical position of the bottles is restored and they are conveyed to the packaging area.
The pre-heating tunnel is normally used
during the HOT-FILLING processes to heat glass vessels before they are introduced
into the rinsing machine.
The tunnel consists in a sealed structure in
Aisi 304 stainless steel inside which vessels are conveyed by the conveyor belts on the line, and a series of nozzles spraying steam over the outer part of the heated vessels.
The length of the tunnel varies according to the desired temperature and the required processing time.
Pre-heated vessels are washed in hot water
in a rinsing machine.
The function of the drying tunnels is drying full bottles before they are labelled. The structure of drying tunnels resembles that of pre-heating tunnels; however, they contain a series of special air jet nozzles blowing compressed air on the external surface of the bottles to dry them.
Compressed air is supplied to the nozzles by dedicated blowers and may be pre-heated. This type tunnel is found in the Brewing industry.
The star wheels are designed to eliminate changing the size within a certain bottle diameter range.
Instead of being characterised by the traditional pits, the size of which matches that of the bottle, such star wheels come with special grippers in highly shock-resistant non metallic material equipped with clamps which hold the bottle at three point locations, in this fashion they will always be positioned as compared to the original diameter of the star wheel.
When the bottle diameter varies, the grippers adjust although the “three contact points” remain the same.
In the case of very large diameter change in the package (exceeding 40 mm), the grippers, which are mounted on the star wheel with quickfit connections, are replaced.
This application may operate up to 60,000 BPH, and eliminates labor and downtime to change size.
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